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SQL Anywhere 12.0.0 » Context-Sensitive Help » UltraLite Plug-in help » Introduction to UltraLite Plug-in properties windows


Column Properties window: Value tab

This tab has the following components:

No default value   Select this option if the column does not require a default value.

Default value   Select this option if the column requires a default value. Selecting this option enables the User-defined and System-defined options.

  • User-defined   Type a custom value (string, number, or other expression) for the default value.

    • Literal string   Specify whether the default value for the column should be treated as a literal string. This option is selected by default for character columns and domains with a character base type. When you select this option, the default text does not need to be enclosed in single quotes, and you do not need to escape embedded single quotes or backslashes in the string.

      When you clear this option, the automatic quoting and escaping behavior is turned off and the specified default value text is passed as is UltraLite.

  • System-defined   Lets you choose a pre-defined value (for example, autoincrement) for the default value. You must choose a value from the dropdown list. If you based the column on a domain, you can retain the domain's default value (if any) or override it for the column.

    • Partition size   When you select global autoincrement for the system-defined value, you can also supply a partition size.

      Global autoincrement assigns each new row a value of one greater than the previous highest value in the column. The partition size restricts the maximum value that global autoincrement can use. You can enter any positive integer for the partition size. Generally, you should select a value so that the supply of numbers is rarely, if ever, exhausted. See Using GLOBAL AUTOINCREMENT in UltraLite.

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