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Connect to the sample database on Mac OS X

 ♦  To connect to the sample database from Interactive SQL (Mac OS X)
  1. In the Finder, locate the SQL Anywhere sample database. By default, it is located in /Applications/SQLAnywhere12/demo.db.

  2. Copy this file to a location where you have read and write access, such as the Desktop.

  3. In the Finder, double-click DBLauncher.

    By default, DBLauncher is located at the following path: /Applications/SQLAnywhere12.

  4. Start a new server.

    1. In the Database field, browse to the location of the SQL Anywhere sample database. (For example, /Users/user-id/Desktop/demo.db.

    2. In the Server Name field, type demo.

    3. Select Local Server.

      The Local Server option does not allow client/server communications over a network.

    4. Click Start to start a personal database server named demo.

  5. In the Finder, double-click Interactive SQL in /Applications/SQLAnywhere12.

  6. Connect to the SQL Anywhere sample database.

    • From the Authentication dropdown list, choose Database.

    • In the User ID field, type DBA.

    • In the Password field, type sql.

    • From the Action dropdown list choose Connect To A Database On This Computer to connect to the database that is running on your computer.

    • In the Server Name field, type demo.

    • In the Database Name field, type demo.

    • Click Connect.

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