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Database administration utilities

SQL Anywhere includes a set of utility programs for performing database administration tasks. Each of the utilities can be accessed from one or more of Sybase Central, Interactive SQL, or at a command prompt.

For platform availability, see [external link]

The administration utilities use a set of registry entries or .ini files. See Registry and INI files.

 See also

Using configuration files
Backup utility (dbbackup)
Broadcast Repeater utility (dbns12)
Certificate Creation utility (createcert)
Certificate Viewer utility (viewcert)
Data Source utility (dbdsn)
dbisqlc utility (deprecated)
Erase utility (dberase)
File Hiding utility (dbfhide)
Histogram utility (dbhist)
Information utility (dbinfo)
Initialization utility (dbinit)
Interactive SQL utility (dbisql)
Key Pair Generator utility (createkey)
Language Selection utility (dblang)
Log Translation utility (dbtran)
Performance Statistics utility (dbstats) (Unix)
Ping utility (dbping)
Script Execution utility (dbrunsql)
Server Enumeration utility (dblocate)
Server Licensing utility (dblic)
Service utility (dbsvc) for Linux
Service utility (dbsvc) for Windows
SQL Anywhere Console utility (dbconsole)
Start Server in Background utility (dbspawn)
Stop Server utility (dbstop)
Support utility (dbsupport)
Transaction Log utility (dblog)
Unload utility (dbunload)
Upgrade utility (dbupgrad)
Validation utility (dbvalid)
Version Diagnostic utility (dbversion)