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Getting data using the SADataAdapter object

The SADataAdapter allows you to view the entire result set by using the Fill method to fill a DataSet with the results from a query by binding the DataSet to the display grid.

Using the SADataAdapter, you can pass any string (SQL statement or stored procedure) that returns a result set. When you use the SADataAdapter, all the rows are fetched in one operation using a forward-only, read-only cursor. Once all the rows in the result set have been read, the cursor is closed. The SADataAdapter allows you to make changes to the DataSet. Once your changes are complete, you must reconnect to the database to apply the changes.

You can use the SADataAdapter object to retrieve a result set that is based on a join. However, you can only make changes (inserts, updates, or deletes) to data that is from a single table. You cannot update result sets that are based on joins.


Any changes you make to the DataSet are made while you are disconnected from the database. This means that your application does not have locks on these rows in the database. Your application must be designed to resolve any conflicts that may occur when changes from the DataSet are applied to the database if another user changes the data you are modifying before your changes are applied to the database.

For more information about the SADataAdapter, see SADataAdapter class.

 SADataAdapter example