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Deploying database servers

You can deploy a database server by making the SQL Anywhere installer available to your end users. By selecting the proper option, each end user is guaranteed of getting the files they need.

The simplest way to deploy a personal database server or a network database server is to use the Deployment Wizard. For more information, see Using the Deployment Wizard.

To run a database server, you need to install a set of files. The files are listed in the following table. All redistribution of these files is governed by the terms of your license agreement. You must confirm whether you have the right to redistribute the database server files before doing so.

Windows Linux / Unix Mac OS X
dbeng12.exe dbeng12 dbeng12
dbeng12.lic dbeng12.lic dbeng12.lic
dbsrv12.exe dbsrv12 dbsrv12
dbsrv12.lic dbsrv12.lic dbsrv12.lic
dbserv12.dll, libdbserv12_r.dylib, libdbtasks12_r.dylib
dbscript12.dll libdbscript12_r.dylib
dblg[LL]12.dll dblg[LL]12.res dblgen12.res
dbghelp.dll N/A N/A
dbctrs12.dll N/A N/A
dbextf.dll1 libdbextf.so1 libdbextf.dylib1
dbicu12.dll2 libdbicu12_r.so2 libdbicu12_r.dylib2
dbicudt12.dll2, 3 libdbicudt12.so2 libdbicudt12.dylib2
sqlany.cvf sqlany.cvf sqlany.cvf
dbrsakp12.dll4 libdbrsakp12_r.so4 libdbrsakp12_r.dylib4
dbodbc12.dll5 libdbodbc12.so5 libdbodbc12.dylib5
N/A libdbodbc12_n.so5 libdbodbc12_n.dylib5
N/A libdbodbc12_r.so5 libdbodbc12_r.dylib5
dbjdbc12.dll5 libdbjdbc12.so5 libdbjdbc12.dylib5
java\jconn3.jar5 java/jconn3.jar5 java/jconn3.jar5
java\sajdbc.jar5, 9 java/sajdbc.jar5, 9 java/sajdbc.jar5, 9
java\sajdbc4.jar5 java/sajdbc4.jar5 java/sajdbc4.jar5
java\sajvm.jar5 java/sajvm.jar5 java/sajvm.jar5
java\cis.zip6 java/cis.zip6 java/cis.zip6
dbcis12.dll7 libdbcis12.so7 libdbcis12.dylib7
libsybbr.dll8 libsybbr.so8 libsybbr.dylib8

1 Required only if using system extended stored procedures and functions (xp_*).

2 Required only if the database character set is multi-byte or if the UCA collation sequence is used.

3 On Windows Mobile, the file name to deploy is called dbicudt12.dat.

4 Required only for encrypted TDS connections.

5 Required only if using Java in the database.

6 Required only if using Java in the database and remote data access.

7 Required only if using remote data access.

8 Required only for archive backups.

9 Required only for JDBC 3.0.

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