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SYSEVENT system view

Each row in the SYSEVENT system view describes an event created with CREATE EVENT. The underlying system table for this view is ISYSEVENT.

Column name Data type Description
event_id UNSIGNED INT The unique number assigned to each event.
object_id UNSIGNED BIGINT The internal ID for the event, uniquely identifying it in the database.
creator UNSIGNED INT The user number of the owner of the event. The name of the user can be found by looking in the SYSUSER system view.
event_name VARCHAR(128) The name of the event.
enabled CHAR(1) Indicates whether the event is allowed to fire.
location CHAR(1)

The location where the event is to fire:

  • C = consolidated
  • R = remote
  • A = all
event_type_id UNSIGNED INT For system events, the event type as listed in the SYSEVENTTYPE system view.
action LONG VARCHAR The event handler definition. An obfuscated value indicates a hidden event.
external_action LONG VARCHAR For system use only.
condition LONG VARCHAR The condition used to control firing of the event handler.
remarks LONG VARCHAR Remarks for the event; this column comes from ISYSREMARK.
source LONG VARCHAR The original source for the event; this column comes from ISYSSOURCE.
 Constraints on underlying system table
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