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SQL Anywhere 12.0.0 (Français) » SQL Anywhere Server - Spatial Data Support » Accessing and manipulating spatial data


Spatial compatibility functions

The SQL/MM standard defines a number of functions that can be used to perform spatial operations. In most cases, these functions duplicate functionality of methods or constructors of spatial data types.


ST_BdMPolyFromText function [Spatial]
ST_BdMPolyFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_BdPolyFromText function [Spatial]
ST_BdPolyFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_CPolyFromText function [Spatial]
ST_CPolyFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_CircularFromTxt function [Spatial]
ST_CircularFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_CompoundFromTxt function [Spatial]
ST_CompoundFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_GeomCollFromTxt function [Spatial]
ST_GeomCollFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_GeomFromText function [Spatial]
ST_GeomFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_LineFromText function [Spatial]
ST_LineFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_MCurveFromText function [Spatial]
ST_MCurveFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_MLineFromText function [Spatial]
ST_MLineFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_MPointFromText function [Spatial]
ST_MPointFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_MPolyFromText function [Spatial]
ST_MPolyFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_MSurfaceFromTxt function [Spatial]
ST_MSurfaceFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_OrderingEquals function [Spatial]
ST_PointFromText function [Spatial]
ST_PointFromWKB function [Spatial]
ST_PolyFromText function [Spatial]
ST_PolyFromWKB function [Spatial]