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MobiLink replay utility (mlreplay)

The mlreplay utility is a tool used to replay MobiLink protocol information that is recorded by the MobiLink server. Each recorded file is called a recorded protocol file. Everything received from the start of a connection until the end of that connection is recorded in a separate recorded protocol file. Each recorded protocol file is named recorded_protocol_x.mlr where x is the job ID. The MobiLink server -rp option is used to specify that the MobiLink server should record all MobiLink protocol it receives from its clients. See -rp mlsrv12 option.

In addition to the data sent to and from the MobiLink server, the recorded protocol file also contains timing information so mlreplay can replay the recorded protocol information exactly as it was originally performed. The timing information is also used to try to make the simulated client take the same amount of time as the original client.

By default, mlreplay plays back the recorded protocol file without any changes. However, you can customize the replay session using a number of different options. The simulated client information consists of the username, password, remote ID, and last download time. This information can be customized using the -u, -p, -r (or -rg), and -ldt options respectively.

The mlreplay utility can also replay a recorded protocol file concurrently using the -sci <simulated client information file> option, where the simulated client information file is a .CSV file that lists the username, password, remote ID, and last download time for each simulated client. The mlreplay utility launches a simulated client for each simulated client information line in the simulated client information file.

Further customizations can be made to the replay session using the Replay API.

An additional tool, mlgenreplayapi, is included with the mlreplay utility. The mlgenreplayapi tool reads a recorded protocol file and generates the Replay API for the schema in that file. The Replay API can be modified (only the code in mlreplaycallbacks.cpp needs to be modified) to customize the data uploaded to the MobiLink server during the replay session. The Replay API is then compiled into the replay DLL, which mlreplay uses to customize the replay session. The replay DLL and a simulated client information file cannot be used at the same time. A callback is included in the Replay API that can be used to give the simulated client information for each simulated client. The number of simulated clients to launch when using the replay DLL is specified to mlreplay using the -n command line option. See MobiLink Replay C++ callback methods.

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