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Setting up light weight polling options

You can use message handlers to handle polling operations. The light weight polling options allow you to specify the location of the server, the Notifier name, the polling frequency, and a poll key. Alternatively, you can use the light weight polling API to specify these properties.

Light weight polling options can be specified by running the MobiLink Listener with the following syntax:

dblsn ... -l 

A single message handler can only contain one of each of the following options:

  • poll_connect   Use this option to specify the protocol options required to connect to the server. Alternatively, you can use the dblsn -x option to specify the default protocol options. The poll_connect option overrides the default protocol options for the message handler.

  • poll_notifier   Use this option to specify the Notifier used by the MobiLink server to handle push requests. This option is required since the MobiLink server can host multiple Notifiers.

  • poll_key   Use this option to identify the MobiLink Listener to the Notifier. The MobiLink server uses this value to send push notifications intended for the device. In a typical application, this value should be the remote ID of the device.

  • poll_every   Use this option to specify how often the MobiLink Listener should poll the Notifier. By default, the MobiLink Listener automatically retrieves this value from the MobiLink server. This value is measured in seconds.

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