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MobiLink Plug-in for Sybase Central

The MobiLink plug-in for Sybase Central has been redesigned in version 12. In previous versions, the plug-in had two modes: model mode and admin mode. The MobiLink functionality was split between these two modes, so you needed to be aware of which mode you were in at any given time. In version 12, these modes no longer exist, as show below.

MobiLink plug-in for Sybase Central, showing that Model mode and Admin mode have been removed.

The top level functions available through the Folders pane of the MobiLink plug-in are:

Remote schema names, groups and remote tasks are all part of the central administration of remote databases feature. See Central administration of remote databases.

To start working with MobiLink in Sybase Central, you must first define a MobiLink Project.

A MobiLink project is a framework that allows you to work with MobiLink objects in Sybase Central. You cannot do anything in the MobiLink 12 plug-in without having a MobiLink project. The MobiLink project enables you to schedule and monitor tasks, even if you are not creating a synchronization model, and you must have a project to create a synchronization model.

A MobiLink project is a named collection of the following:

  • A list of synchronization models

  • A list of designed but undeployed remote tasks

  • A list of connections to a consolidated database

  • A list of MobiLink users

  • A list of user-defined groups, remote databases or devices

  • A list of remote databases

  • A list of notifiers

Creating a MobiLink project
Adding a consolidated database
Introduction to synchronization models