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SQL Anywhere 12.0.0 (Français) » SQL Anywhere 12 - Changes and Upgrading » What's new in version 12.0.0 » MobiLink behavior changes


MobiLink server changes

  • MobiLink server no longer requires log4j.jar   The log4j.jar file is no longer required by the MobiLink server and is no longer deployed with the MobiLink server. If you require log4j.jar you must install your own version of the jar and put it in the classpath.

  • New behavior for -cn option   The -cn option for mlsrv12 sets the maximum number of database connections used for database worker threads. In versions prior to SQL Anywhere 12, the -cn option for mlsrv12 set the maximum number of database connections. See -cn mlsrv12 option.

  • New behavior for -sl dnet option   Previously, the MobiLink server loaded the workstation CLR by default when using .NET scripts. It now loads the server CLR instead. You can restore the old behavior by adding -clrFlavor=wks to the -sl dnet option for mlsrv12. See -sl dnet mlsrv12 option.

  • MobiLink server now uses the GV_$TRANSACTION Oracle system view instead of V_$TRANSACTION   The Oracle account used by the MobiLink server must now have permission for the GV_$TRANSACTION Oracle system view instead of the V_$TRANSACTION system view. See Oracle consolidated database.

  • Upgrade scripts for version 6.0.x removed   The MobiLink upgrade scripts for 6.0.x have been removed. If you require this upgrade, contact Technical Support ([external link]

  • ml_add_column system procedure no longer required   For version 12 clients, the ml_add_column system procedure is no longer required when you want to use column names in named parameters. By default, you can now reference the column names directly without any extra setup. See ml_add_column system procedure.

  • New BIGINT data type support for Java and .NET server APIs   The BIGINT SQL data type now maps to the LONG Java and .NET data types. See SQL-Java data types and SQL-.NET data types.

  • Data scripts are now required   To reduce the chance of losing data from accidentally not creating data scripts, the MobiLink server now requires either an ignored script or a valid script for the following events. See Ignoring scripts.

    • upload_insert   if any inserted rows are uploaded from remotes and no handle_UploadData connection script is defined.

    • upload_update   if any updated rows are uploaded from remotes and no handle_UploadData connection script is defined.

    • upload_delete   if any deleted rows are uploaded from remotes and no handle_UploadData connection script is defined.

    • download_cursor and download_delete_cursor   if no handle_DownloadData connection script is defined and the synchronization is not upload-only.

    As a convenience when upgrading to version 12, you can use the ml_add_missing_dnld_scripts stored procedure to add ignored scripts to avoid errors from missing download scripts. See ml_add_missing_dnld_scripts system procedure.