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PHP client deployment

To deploy the SQL Anywhere PHP extension, you must install the following components on the target platform:

  • The PHP 5 binaries for your platform, which are available for download at [external link] For Windows platforms, the thread-safe version of PHP must be used with the SQL Anywhere PHP extension.

  • A web server such as Apache HTTP Server if you want to run PHP scripts within a web server.

    SQL Anywhere can be run on the same computer as the web server, or on a different computer.

  • SQL Anywhere provides prebuilt PHP extensions for PHP versions 5.1.1 to 5.2.11 and 5.3.0 to 5.3.5. At the time of writing, PHP version 5.2.11 and 5.3.5 were the most recent stable releases.

  • Supporting SQL Anywhere shared objects or libraries.

The following table summarizes the files required for PHP clients.

Description Windows Linux / Unix Mac OS X
PHP installation (third-party) php.exe php php
PHP 5.1.x calls php-5.1.[1-6]_sqlanywhere.dll php-5.1.[1-6] or build from source code Build from source code
PHP 5.2.x calls php-5.2.[0-11]_sqlanywhere.dll php-5.2.11_sqlanywhere_nts.dll php-5.2.[0-11] or build from source code Build from source code
PHP 5.3.x calls php-5.3.[0-5]_sqlanywhere.dll php-5.3.[0-5]_sqlanywhere_nts.dll php-5.3.[0-5] or build from source code Build from source code
SQL Anywhere C API runtime dbcapi.dll libdbcapi_r.dylib
DBLIB (threaded) dblib12.dll libdblib12_r.dylib
Thread support library N/A libdbtasks12_r.dylib
optional encryption support dbecc12.dll libdbecc12_r.dylib
optional encryption support dbfips12.dll libdbfips12_r.dylib
optional encryption support dbrsa12.dll libdbrsa12_r.dylib
Language resource library dblg[LL]12.dll dblg[LL]12.res dblg[LL]12.res
Connect window dbcon12.dll N/A N/A
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