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Spatial Viewer window

The Spatial Viewer window is divided into panes:

  • SQL pane   This pane provides a place for you to type SQL statements that you want to view images for. You can hide the SQL pane by clicking the Hide SQL button. This button is located beneath the image, near the controls for saving, zooming and panning.

  • Results pane   This pane combines all geometries in the results of a query into one image.

    The image displayed in the Results area includes all of the geometries in the result set. Shapes in the image are drawn in the same order as the rows in the query are processed. Therefore later drawn shapes can obscure earlier drawn shapes.

    By default, polygons are filled with a randomly generated color in the output. The sequence of colors used does not follow a well-defined sequence, and typically changes each time the SVG output is generated.

    You can use the Draw Outlined Polygons button to remove the coloring from the polygons to reveal the outline of all shapes. This button is located beneath the image, near the controls for saving, zooming, and panning.

You can customize the output in the Results pane using the following options:

  • Column   Specifies the column being used to display the spatial data.

  • Projection   Specifies the projection being used to display the spatial data.

  • Show Grid   Specifies whether to show the grid that is in use for the spatial data.

  • Approximate   Specifies whether to produce a simplified version of the image to display. Choosing Approximate may cause the quality of the image to lose some fine detail, but it can significantly improve rendering time for complex images.

  • Execute   Click Execute to execute the SQL query and redraw the image.

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