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Create Synchronization Model Wizard: Download Subset By Remote ID page

This page allows you to specify the information required to subset data by remote ID. To use this option the remote IDs must be on your consolidated database. Remote IDs are created as GUIDs by default, but you can set IDs that match existing values on your consolidated database. (The column you use for remote IDs must be of a type that can hold the values you are using for the remote IDs.) If the remote IDs are in a different table from the one you are subsetting, you must join to that table.

This page has the following components:

  • For creating download subsets by synchronization user, which column should be used to match the remote ID   Choose from the following options:

    • Use a column in each downloaded table   For downloaded tables that include the specified column, each row is downloaded by only one remote ID. For tables that are also uploaded, you must either synchronize the column or define a default value for it.

      • Column name   Choose a column name from the dropdown list. The dropdown list contains all compatible columns from all synchronized consolidated tables.

    • Use a column in a joined relationship table   If the Remote IDs are in a different table from the one you are subsetting, you must join to that table. Specify the following information for the join:

      • Table to join   Choose a table from the dropdown list.

      • Column to match   Choose a column from the dropdown list of compatible columns.

      • Choose the columns for joining each downloaded table T with the relationship table in the following join condition   Choose a column from each dropdown list to specify how the tables are to be joined.

You can view and modify these options in the Events tab after the Create Synchronization Model Wizard finishes. See Modifying the download subset.

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