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Sequence Generator Properties window: General tab

This tab has the following components:

  • Name   Specifies the name of the sequence generator.

  • Type   Specifies the type of object.

  • Owner   Specifies the database user who owns the sequence generator.

  • Minimum value   Specifies the sequence's minimum value. The minimum value can be as low as -(2^63-1). The default is 1.

  • Maximum value   Specifies the sequence's maximum value. The maximum value can be as high as (2^63-1). The default is (2^63-1).

  • Start value   Specifies a value between the Minimum Value and the Maximum Value as the start value. The start value determines the first value generated.

    • Restart Now   Click to restart the sequence with the value specified in the Start Value field. See ALTER SEQUENCE statement.

  • Increment value   Specifies the difference between the last value and the next value generated. Specify a negative value to create a sequence generator that generates descending values.

  • Cycle values   Specifies whether the sequence generator cycles back to the beginning and starts again when the values increase or decrease to the maximum or minimum value. Clear this option to have an error returned if a sequence exceeds its minimum or maximum value.

  • Cache size   Specifies the cache size. The cache size determines the number of preallocated sequence values that are kept in memory for faster access. When the cache is exhausted, it is repopulated and a corresponding entry is written to the transaction log.

    Clear this option to ensure that no values will be skipped in the event that the server crashes.

  • Comment   Specifies a text description of the sequence generator.

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