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UltraLite database properties

UltraLite database property values are defined when the database is first created. They can be changed by re-creating the UltraLite database or editing their corresponding database option, if available.

UltraLite supports the following database properties:

Property Description
cache_allocation Returns the current cache size as a percentage of the minimum and maximum settings. See UltraLite cache_allocation option.
CaseSensitive Returns the status of the case sensitivity feature. Returns On if the database is case sensitive. Otherwise, it returns Off. See UltraLite case creation parameter.

Returns the CHAR character set of the database. The character set used by the database is determined by the database's collation sequence and whether the data is UTF-8 encoded.

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ChecksumLevel Returns the level of checksum validation in the database, one of 0 (do not add checksums), 1 (add checksums only to important pages), or 2 (add checksums to all pages). See UltraLite checksum_level creation parameter.
Collation Returns the name of the database's collation sequence. See UltraLite collation creation parameter.
commit_flush_count Returns the value of the commit_flush_count option that sets a commit count threshold. See UltraLite commit_flush_count option [temporary].
commit_flush_timeout Returns the value of the commit_flush_timeout option that sets a time interval threshold. See UltraLite commit_flush_timeout option [temporary].
ConnCount Returns the number of connections to the database. The value is dynamic: it can vary depending on how many connections currently exist. UltraLite supports up to fourteen concurrent database connections.
date_format Returns the date format the database uses for string conversions. See UltraLite date_format creation parameter.
date_order Returns the date order the database uses for string conversions. See UltraLite date_order creation parameter.

Returns the type of database encryption, one of None, Simple, AES, or AES_FIPS.

The encryption used by the database is determined by whether or not you have configured strong encryption (AES or AES_FIPS) and the DBKEY creation parameter, or obfuscation (simple encryption).

The only time this property can change is when the value is originally None (that is, neither fips nor obfuscation is used) and you then change the encryption key by specifying a new encryption key on the Connection object by calling the correct function or method for your API. In this case, the value would change to AES because the fips creation parameter cannot be set after the database has been created. See:


Returns the name of the database root file for the current connection, including the path. This is the value specified in the DBF connection parameter value. See:

global_database_id Returns the value of the global_database_id option used for global autoincrement columns. See UltraLite global_database_id option.
isolation_level Returns the current isolation level of the database. The value can either be read_committed or read_uncommitted. See Change the isolation level.
MaxHashSize Returns the default number of maximum bytes to use for index hashing. This property can be set on a per-index basis. See UltraLite max_hash_size creation parameter.
ml_remote_id Returns the value of the ml_remote_id option that uniquely identifies the database for MobiLink synchronization. See UltraLite ml_remote_id option.

Returns the name (or alias) of the database for the current connection. The name returned matches the DBN connection parameter value. If you did not use the DBN connection parameter, the name returned is the database file without the path and extension.

See also:

nearest_century Returns the nearest century the database uses for string conversions. See UltraLite nearest_century creation parameter.
PageSize Returns the page size of the database, in bytes. See UltraLite page_size creation parameter.
precision Returns the floating-point precision the database uses for string conversions. See UltraLite precision creation parameter.
scale Returns the minimum number of digits after the decimal point when an arithmetic result is truncated to the maximum PRECISION during string conversions by the database. See UltraLite scale creation parameter.
time_format Returns the time format the database uses for string conversions. See UltraLite time_format creation parameter.
timestamp_format Returns the timestamp format the database uses for string conversions. See UltraLite timestamp_format creation parameter.
timestamp_increment Returns the minimum difference between two unique timestamps, in microseconds. See UltraLite timestamp_increment creation parameter.
timestamp_with_time_zone Returns the timestamp format for TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE values. See UltraLite timestamp_with_time_zone_format creation parameter.
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