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SQL Anywhere feature support on Windows Mobile

This section lists the components and features of SQL Anywhere that are unsupported or have altered functionality on Windows Mobile. Where available, alternatives to unsupported features are listed.

For more information about supported and unsupported components on Windows Mobile, see [external link]

SQL Anywhere includes several tools for administering databases. These include Sybase Central, Interactive SQL, and utilities. None of these administration tools can be deployed to Windows Mobile. Instead, database administration is performed from a Windows-based desktop computer that is connected to the Windows Mobile device.

For more information, see Administration utilities on Windows Mobile.

Component or feature Considerations
Application profiling When you create a tracing session for a database running on Windows Mobile, you must configure tracing using the Database Tracing Wizard (you cannot use the Application Profiling Wizard). As well, you must trace data from the Windows Mobile device to a copy of the Windows Mobile database running on a database server on a desktop computer. You cannot automatically create a tracing database from a Windows Mobile device, and you cannot trace to the local database on a Windows Mobile device. See Application profiling.
Database mirroring Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
External stored procedures Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
SQL Anywhere JDBC driver Unsupported on Windows Mobile. You can use jConnect on Windows Mobile.
External environments Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
jConnect The jConnect driver can be enabled when you create a database for Windows Mobile. This can be useful if you want to move the database to a desktop computer that supports Java. However, enabling the jConnect driver adds to the size of the database and, more significantly, adds about 200 KB to the memory requirements for running the database. This additional memory requirement should be considered when running the database in a limited-memory environment like Windows Mobile. See jConnect on Windows Mobile.
Kerberos authentication Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
LDAP Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
ODBC clients Windows Mobile does not provide an ODBC driver manager or an ODBC administrator, so SQL Anywhere uses ODBC data sources stored in files. See ODBC data sources on Windows Mobile.
Sybase Open Client Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
Parallel backups Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
Personal database server (dbeng12) Only the network database server (dbsrv12.exe) is supported on Windows Mobile. This executable supports local connections and client/server communications across a network.
Remote data access (including directory access servers) Unsupported on Windows Mobile.
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