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Lesson 5: Defining a MobiLink user

This lesson assumes you have completed all preceding lessons. See Lesson 1: Creating a consolidated database.

When an Agent synchronizes its agent database, it must authenticate itself to the MobiLink server. It authenticates itself by using a MobiLink user and optionally a password. Normally you would use the same MobiLink user and password to synchronize your remote databases that the Agent uses to synchronize the agent database.

In this lesson, you define a MobiLink user for the Agent to use. You can skip this lesson if you have an existing synchronization system, and you want the MobiLink Agent to use one of your existing MobiLink users to synchronize.

 Define a MobiLink user
  1. In Sybase Central, click View » Folders.

  2. Under MobiLink 12 expand Central Admin Tutorial, Consolidated Databases, Tutorial.

  3. Right-click Users and click New » User.

    The Create User Wizard appears.

  4. On the Welcome page, type JOHN for the name of the new user and click Next.

  5. On the Specify A Password page, check This User Will Require A Password To Connect and type sql in both the Password and Confirm Password fields. Click Finish.

    If you do not want to authenticate Agents that try to synchronize, skip this step and add the -zu+ option to the MobiLink server command line. When -zu+ is specified, each MobiLink user is registered when it first attempts to synchronize. See -zu mlsrv12 option.

  6. Proceed to Lesson 6: Defining an Agent.