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QAnywhere technology

QAnywhere helps you develop application-to-application messaging for mobile devices. Application-to-application messaging permits communication between custom programs running on mobile or wireless devices and a centrally-located server application.

Using store-and-forward technology, QAnywhere provides secure, assured message delivery for remote and mobile applications. Because QAnywhere automatically handles the challenges of slow and unreliable networks, you can concentrate on application functionality instead of issues surrounding connectivity, communication, and security. QAnywhere store-and-forward technology ensures that your applications are always available, even when a network connection is not.

QAnywhere provides communication in occasionally-connected environments. It handles the challenges of wireless networks, such as slow speed, spotty geographic coverage, and dropped network connections. The store-and-forward nature of QAnywhere messaging means that messages can be constructed even when the destination application is not reachable over the network; the message is delivered when the network becomes available.

QAnywhere messages are exchanged via a central server, so that the sender and recipient of a message never have to be connected to the network at the same time.

QAnywhere has the following additional features:

  • QAnywhere can protect proprietary or sensitive information by encrypting all messages sent over public networks.

  • You can customize the delivery of messages using transmission rules so that, for example, large low-priority messages are transmitted during off-peak hours.

  • QAnywhere messages can be transported over TCP/IP, HTTP, or HTTPS protocols. They can also be delivered from a Windows Mobile handheld device by Microsoft ActiveSync. The message itself is independent of the network protocol, and can be received by an application that communicates over a different network.

  • QAnywhere compresses data sent between mobile applications and enterprise servers.

  • QAnywhere provides a C++, Java, .NET, and SQL API to provide solutions to developers with different skill sets.

  • QAnywhere permits seamless communication with other messaging systems that have a JMS interface. This allows integration with Java EE applications.

  • QAnywhere includes a mobile web services interface that helps you create reliable mobile applications based on enterprise web services.

QAnywhere is built on MobiLink synchronization technology.

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