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SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 » SQL Remote » Tutorial: Setting up a replication system using the HTTP message system with the consolidated database as the message server


Lesson 2: Configuring the consolidated database to act as the message server

In this lesson, you configure the consolidated database to act as the message server for the HTTP message system. It is also possible to configure a separate database and database server to act as the message server.

 Configure the consolidated database to act as the message server
  1. Using Interactive SQL, connect to the consolidated database as a user with DBA authority:

    dbisql -c "SERVER=cons;DBN=cons;UID=DBA;PWD=sql"
  2. When a database is first initialized, none of the web services needed to accept HTTP requests from remote users is defined, and neither are definitions to allow the database server to access the directory where the message files are stored. The creation of these objects is automated with the use of the sr_add_message_server stored procedure, which takes an optional parameter to specify who owns all the objects. Execute the following statements on the consolidated database (cons) to define all the objects needed for the message server, and specify that all the objects are owned by the cons user:

    GRANT GROUP TO cons;
    SET REMOTE http OPTION cons.root_directory='c:\\tutorial\\messages';
    CALL sr_add_message_server( 'cons' );
  3. Disconnect from Interactive SQL.

  4. Proceed to Lesson 3: Creating the remote database.