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SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 » UltraLite - Database Management and Reference » UltraLite overview


UltraLite architecture

UltraLite supports a multitude of mobile platforms and consists of API development, database management, and database layers, as represented in the following diagram:

UltraLite APIs and how they relate to mobile platforms, such as Android, BlackBerry OS, and iOS, as well as the underlying database management systems and database file types.
  • Mobile platform support   Your target mobile platform determines which UltraLite API is available for application development. For more information about supported platforms and devices, see [external link]

  • API development layer   Refer to the diagram above to determine which API to use for your target mobile platform. For more information about API development, see:

  • Database management layer and synchronization client   UltraLite provides two data management systems—the native UltraLite database management system, and the UltraLite Java edition.

    • UltraLite database management system   Most mobile platforms use the UltraLite APIs to interface with the UltraLite database management system. This system allows you to create and connect to an UltraLite database.

      A comprehensive set of administration tools is provided to help you maintain your UltraLite project. You can run these tools as either command line utilities or wizards in the UltraLite plug-in for Sybase Central. For more information, see UltraLite utilities.

    • UltraLite Java edition   The BlackBerry OS platform requires use of the UltraLiteJ API to interface with the UltraLite Java edition to create and connect to an UltraLite Java edition database. These databases are not interchangeable with UltraLite databases and have some restrictions. For more information, see UltraLite and UltraLite Java edition database limitations.

      UltraLite provides a set of Java edition utilities to perform additional tasks on UltraLite Java edition databases. For more information, see UltraLite Java edition utilities.

    For more information about the UltraLite synchronization client, see UltraLite synchronization client features.

  • Database layer   This layer is the local data repository stored as a file. UltraLite databases are stored as UDB files, and UltraLite Java edition databases are stored as JDB files. UDB files are portable across all mobile platforms except for BlackBerry OS.