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Lesson 8: (Optional) Monitoring a database mirroring system

Use the Monitor to monitor a database mirroring system.


This tutorial assumes that you have a running read-only scale-out system as described in Tutorial: Creating a database mirroring system.

This lesson assumes that you have the roles and privileges listed in the Privileges section at the start of this tutorial: Tutorial: Monitoring resources with the Monitor.

  1. Add a database mirroring system to the Monitor's Resource List.

    1. In the Tools sidebar, click Administration.

    2. Click Resources, and then click Add.

    3. Click SQL Anywhere Server, and then click Next.

    4. In the Name field, type mirror_demo, and then click Next.

    5. In the Host field, specify the host names and port numbers of the computers running the primary and mirror servers in a comma separated list. That is, type localhost:6871, localhost:6872.

    6. In the Server field, specify the alternate server name for the primary server. That is, type mirror_demo_primary.

    7. Click Create.

    8. When you are prompted for the required authorization, type DBA in the User ID field and sql in the Password field. Click OK.

      The resource is added and monitoring of the resource starts automatically.

    9. Click Close twice.

  2. Add a widget to monitor scaleoutdemo.db:

    1. In the Dashboard sidebar, click mirror_demo.

    2. In the top right corner of the mirrorsystemdemo dashboard, click Customize » Add Widget.

    3. Select SQL Anywhere Scale-Out Topology and click Next.

    4. In the What Do You Want To Name This Widget? field, type mirror_demowidget.

    5. In the Which Resource Are You Interested In? field, select mirror_demo.

    6. Click Create.

    The new widget appears in the dashboard:

    SQL Anywhere Scale-Out Topology widget for a database mirroring system.
    • Server Name   Displays the names of the database servers in the mirroring system.

    • Type   Lists the server type and displays one of the following values:

      • Partner - Primary   This value identifies the server that is currently acting as the primary.

      • Partner - Mirror   This value identifies the server that is currently acting as the mirror.

      • Arbiter   This value identifies the arbiter server.

    • State   This value displays the connection status of each server.

    • Connections   This value shows the number of current connections to the server.

    • Last Updated   This value displays the last time the server status was updated.


A database mirroring system resource is added and monitored.

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