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SACommand: Fetch data using ExecuteReader and ExecuteScalar

The SACommand object allows you to execute a SQL statement or call a stored procedure against a SQL Anywhere database. You can use any of the following methods to retrieve data from the database:

  • ExecuteReader   Issues a SQL query that returns a result set. This method uses a forward-only, read-only cursor. You can loop quickly through the rows of the result set in one direction.

  • ExecuteScalar   Issues a SQL query that returns a single value. This can be the first column in the first row of the result set, or a SQL statement that returns an aggregate value such as COUNT or AVG. This method uses a forward-only, read-only cursor.

When using the SACommand object, you can use the SADataReader to retrieve a result set that is based on a join. However, you can only make changes (inserts, updates, or deletes) to data that is from a single table. You cannot update result sets that are based on joins.

When using the SADataReader, there are several Get methods available that you can use to return the results in the specified data type.

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