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DBTools structures

This section lists the structures that are used to exchange information with the DBTools library. The structures are listed alphabetically. With the exception of the a_remote_sql structure, all of these structures are defined in dbtools.h. The a_remote_sql structure is defined in dbrmt.h.

Many of the structure elements correspond to command line options on the corresponding utility. For example, several structures have a member named quiet, which can take on values of 0 or 1. This member corresponds to the quiet operation (-q) option used by many of the utilities.

The data structures defined in this file can be used with the DBTools API for the major version of SQL Anywhere to which the file applies. Applications built using, for example, the version 10.0.0 dbtools.h file will NOT be able to access dbtool9.dll or dbtool11.dll.

Within a major version, any changes to the structures will be made in such a way that applications built with earlier or later versions of dbtools.h for the same major version will work. Applications built with earlier versions will not have access to new fields, so DBTools will provide default values which give the same behavior as in earlier versions. Generally, this means new fields added in point releases appear at the end of a structure.

The behavior for applications built with later versions within the same major release depends on the value provided in the "version" field of the structure. If the version number provided corresponds to an earlier version, the application can call an earlier version of the DBTools DLL just as if the application was built using that version of dbtools.h. If the version number provided is the current version, attempting to use an earlier version of the DBTools DLL will result in an error.

See dbtlvers.h for version number defines.