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Step 4: Create connection profiles for Sybase Central

This step involves the configuration of Sybase Central. If you are not installing Sybase Central, you can skip it.

When Sybase Central is installed on your system, a connection profile for SQL Anywhere 16 Demo is created in the repository file. If you do not want to create one or more connection profiles, then you can skip this step.

The following commands were used to create the SQL Anywhere 16 Demo connection profile. Use this as a model for creating your own connection profiles.

scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Name" "SQL Anywhere 16 Demo"
scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/FirstTimeStart" "false"
scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Description" "Suitable Description"
scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/ProviderId" "sqlanywhere1600"
scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Provider" "SQL Anywhere 16"
scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Data/ConnectionProfileSettings" "DSN\eSQL^0020Anywhere^002016^0020Demo;UID\eDBA;PWD\e35c624d517fb"
scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Data/ConnectionProfileName" "SQL Anywhere 16 Demo"
scjview -write "ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Data/ConnectionProfileType" "SQL Anywhere"

The connection profile strings and values can be extracted from the repository file. Define a connection profile using Sybase Central and then look at the repository file for the corresponding lines.

Here is a portion of the repository file that was created using the process described above. Some entries have been split across multiple lines for display purposes. In the file, each entry appears on a single line:

#  Version: 16.0.1154
#  Thu Oct 04 12:07:53 EDT 2012
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Name=SQL Anywhere 16 Demo
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/FirstTimeStart=false
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Description=Suitable Description
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/ProviderId=sqlanywhere1600
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Provider=SQL Anywhere 16
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Data/ConnectionProfileSettings=
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Data/ConnectionProfileName=
    SQL Anywhere 16 Demo
ConnectionProfiles/SQL Anywhere 16 Demo/Data/ConnectionProfileType=
     SQL Anywhere