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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0 » SQL Anywhere Server - Programming » Embedded SQL » How to send and retrieve long values using embedded SQL


Retrieving LONG data using static SQL

Retrieve a LONG VARCHAR, LONG NVARCHAR, or LONG BINARY value using static SQL.


There are no prerequisites for this task.

  1. Declare a host variable of type DECL_LONGVARCHAR, DECL_LONGNVARCHAR, or DECL_LONGBINARY, as appropriate. The array_len member is filled in automatically.

  2. Retrieve the data using FETCH, GET DATA, or EXECUTE INTO. SQL Anywhere sets the following information:

    • indicator variable   Negative if the value is NULL, 0 if there is no truncation, otherwise the positive untruncated length in bytes up to a maximum of 32767.

    • stored_len   The number of bytes stored in the array. Always less than or equal to array_len and untrunc_len.

    • untrunc_len   The number of bytes that would be stored in the array if the value was not truncated. Always greater than or equal to stored_len. If truncation occurs, this value is larger than array_len.


The LONG data is retrieved using static SQL.

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