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SYSPROCPARM system view

Each row in the SYSPROCPARM system view describes one parameter to a procedure in the database. The underlying system table for this view is ISYSPROCPARM.

Column name Data type Description
proc_id UNSIGNED INT Uniquely identifies the procedure to which the parameter belongs.
parm_id SMALLINT Each procedure starts numbering parameters at 1. The order of parameter numbers corresponds to the order in which they were defined. For functions, the first parameter has the name of the function and represents the return value for the function.
parm_type SMALLINT

The type of parameter is one of the following:

  • 0   Normal parameter (variable)

  • 1   Result variable - used with a procedure that returns result sets

  • 2   SQLSTATE error value

  • 3   SQLCODE error value

  • 4   Return value from function

parm_mode_in CHAR(1) Indicates whether the parameter supplies a value to the procedure (IN or INOUT parameters).
parm_mode_out CHAR(1) Indicates whether the parameter returns a value from the procedure (OUT or INOUT parameters) or columns in the RESULT clause.
domain_id SMALLINT Identifies the data type for the parameter, by the data type number listed in the SYSDOMAIN system view.
width BIGINT Contains the length of a string parameter, the precision of a numeric parameter, or the number of bytes of storage for any other data type.
scale SMALLINT For numeric data types, the number of digits after the decimal point. For all other data types, the value of this column is 1.
user_type SMALLINT The user type of the parameter, if applicable.
parm_name CHAR(128) The name of the procedure parameter.
"default" LONG VARCHAR Default value of the parameter. Provided for informational purposes only.
remarks LONG VARCHAR Always returns NULL. Provided to allow the use of previous versions of ODBC drivers with newer personal database servers.
base_type_str VARCHAR(32767) The annotated type string representing the physical type of the parameter.
 Constraints on underlying system table