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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0 » SQL Anywhere Server - SQL Usage » Performance improvements, diagnostics, and monitoring


Tips for improving performance

 Server-related performance tips
 Application-related performance tips
 Database-related performance tips
 Communication-related performance tips

Tip: Use the cache to improve performance
Tip: Check for concurrency issues
Tip: Choose the optimizer goal
Tip: Update column statistics
Tip: Use indexes effectively
Tip: Improve index performance
Tip: Optimize for mixed or OLAP workload
Tip: Use strategic sorting of query results
Tip: Specify the correct cursor type
Tip: Supply explicit selectivity estimates sparingly
Tip: Use materialized views to improve query performance
Tip: Use the WITH EXPRESS CHECK option when validating tables
Tip: Use work tables in query processing (use All-rows optimization goal)
Tip: Build efficient SQL queries
Tip: Monitor query performance
Tip: Reduce expensive user-defined functions
Tip: Turn off autocommit mode
Tip: Use in-memory mode
Tip: Always use a transaction log
Tip: Use delayed commits
Tip: Collect statistics on small tables
Tip: Reduce fragmentation
Tip: Normalize your table structure
Tip: Minimize cascading referential actions
Tip: Declare constraints
Tip: Place different files on different devices
Tip: Rebuild your database
Tip: Use keys to improve query performance
Tip: Reduce primary key width
Tip: Reduce table widths
Tip: Review the order of columns in tables
Tip: Replace expensive triggers
Tip: Use an appropriate page size
Tip: Use AUTOINCREMENT to create primary keys
Tip: Use appropriate data types
Tip: Use bulk operations methods
Tip: Use resource governors
Tip: Reduce requests between client and server
Tip: Use compression carefully
Tip: Change packet size to improve performance