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Using the profiling database

In Sybase Central, you can use predefined views to review and analyze data in the profiling database.


You must have run at least one profiling session.

You must know the name and location of the profiling database. To determine this information, go to the General page of the Options window.

Context and remarks

This task assumes you are using the default profiling database.

You can also use Interactive SQL to work with Profiler views.

  1. Use the SQL Anywhere 16 plug-in to connect to the profiling database, using the following options:

    • User ID   Type mlprofiler for the User ID.

    • Password   Type sql for the password.

    • Action   Choose Start and connect to a database on this computer.

    • Database file   Enter the path information for the profiling database or click Browse to select the file. The default database file is mlprofiler.db in a folder called MLProfiler16 in your Documents folder.

    • Server name   Type MLProfilerDB.

    • Start line   To set the initial memory for caching database pages and other database server information, type the following:
      dbeng16.exe -c 1g

  2. Click Connect.

  3. Expand the mlprofiler database and double-click Views to see a list of the MobiLink Profiler views.

  4. Select a view. The following views are available:

    • category_samples (base view for category sampling data)
    • data_event_statistics
    • data_event_times
    • data_phase_statistics
    • data_phase_times
    • event_samples (base view for event sampling data)
    • event_statistics
    • event_times
    • event_total_times
    • phase_samples (base view for phase sampling data)
    • phase_statistics
    • phase_times
    • server_cumulative_samples (base view for cumulative server-related sampling data)
    • server_snapshot_samples (base view for non-cumulative server-related sampling data)
    • sync_as_csv (view like the old MobiLink Monitor .csv file format)
    • sync_blocked
    • sync_statistics
    • sync_times
    • syncs (base view for synchronizations)

    The SQL pane on the right includes a comment at the top that describes the selected view.


    The server-related sampling data is for metrics that are also available in the SQL Anywhere Monitor for MobiLink.


Data from the profiling database is displayed for each view in the Data page.


  • Review the profiling data.
  • Use these views in your queries.


The following sample query shows the event scripts that consumed the most time for all synchronizations in the second session:

select * from event_total_times where session_id = 2 order by 1 desc

The following sample query shows the fastest synchronization completion rates for all the sessions:

    max( "Successful syncs/s" ) as "Max syncs/s",
from server_throughput_samples
group by session_id
order by 1 desc, 2