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Changing a column mapping for a table mapping

Check and customize table and column mappings as required. If your model is based on an existing remote database, the table and column mappings represent a best guess.


You must have a synchronization model.

Context and remarks

You can map a column in a synchronized consolidated table to a remote table column, a value determined when synchronizing, or exclude the column from synchronization. When mapping to a value, you can use the MobiLink user name, the remote database ID, or a SQL expression (which can include MobiLink named parameters). When you map a primary key column to a value and the table mapping is bi-directional, you need to prevent duplicate primary keys when downloading to remote databases.

  1. In the Table Mappings tab, select the table mapping.

  2. In the Details pane, open the Column Mappings tab.

  3. Right-click the column mapping you want to change, and select one of the following options from the context menu:

    • None
    • MobiLink User Name
    • Remote ID
    • Custom
    • An unmapped remote column

    To synchronize the consolidated column with a remote column, select the unmapped remote column from the bottom group of the menu. Only unmapped remote columns are listed.

    To exclude the consolidated column from synchronization, click None. The Direction icon shows that the consolidated column is not synchronized.

    To map the consolidated column to a value, you can choose the MobiLink User Name, the Remote ID, or use Custom to enter a SQL expression that is evaluated when the remote table's upload_insert, upload_update, and upload_delete synchronization scripts are executed during the synchronization. The Direction icon shows that the value is only uploaded; the consolidated column is not downloaded to the remote database.


The column mappings are updated.