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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0 » Relay Server » Introduction to the Relay Server


Relay Server status page

The Relay Server status page provides the following information:

Empty status page

An empty status page may indicate that there is a configuration issue preventing the extension from generating the page. Make sure that the rshost process has been started and that the web server worker has permission to access the shared memory created by the rshost process. To troubleshoot configuration issues, start rshost manually and check the log file.

The frequency of the backend server status page auto refresh is set using the ias-rs-status-refresh-sec query parameter, which forms part of the status url parameter. The status_url parameter is specified in the format status_url=/your-status-url ias-rs-status-refresh-sec=n. If n is zero, then auto refresh is turned off. So, to have the status page refresh every minute, you might use the following: http://<host>/rs/client/rs_client.dll?ias-rs-status-refresh-sec=60&ias-rs-farm=SimpleTestApp-farm.

The URL for a typical status page is http://MyHost:80/ias_relay_server/server/rs_server.dll for Microsoft IIS and http://MyHost:80/srv/ias_relay_server/server/rs_server.dll for Apache.

 Additional status pages