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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0 » SQL Anywhere 16 - Changes and Upgrading » What's new in version 12.0.1 » UltraLite new features


General features

  • UltraLite is now supported on the Android smartphone   UltraLite now supports Android smartphones. You can use the Android implementation of the UltraLiteJ API to create applications that use UltraLite databases. The implementation usage differs from the BlackBerry implementation, which only supports UltraLite databases that are specific to BlackBerry smartphones. For more information, see Benefits of UltraLite APIs for Windows Mobile and UltraLiteJ application development.

    A new tutorial demonstrates how to create an UltraLite application on an Android smartphone or simulator in the Eclipse environment. The tutorial is based on a new code sample located in the %SQLANY12%\UltraLiteJ\Android\CustDB directory. See Tutorial: Building an Android application.

  • Tutorial for building a BlackBerry application now supports the Eclipse environment   The BlackBerry tutorial has been updated to use the Eclipse environment. See Tutorial: Building a BlackBerry application.

  • Dynamic cache sizing   UltraLite now grows its database file cache when warranted in response to database operations and as available memory allows. Applications can also resize the cache explicitly (typically in cases where the application is requested to reduce its memory usage). See:

  • Support for download-only tables in UltraLite  

    • _download_only suffix   For UltraLite databases (not UltraLite Java edition databases), changes to the table on the consolidated database are downloaded during synchronization, but local changes are not sent up to MobiLink. Any table with the suffix _download_only is marked as download-only. Tables can also be set to download-only by specifying SYNCHRONIZE DOWNLOAD for the synchronization constraint clause of the CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE SQL statements. See UltraLite download-only tables, CREATE TABLE statement [UltraLite], and ALTER TABLE statement [UltraLite].

    • New TABLE_IS_DOWNLOAD_ONLY flag   Uncommitted client-side changes may result in download conflicts when tables are synchronized. For UltraLite and UltraLite Java edition, the table_flags column in the systable system table may now include the TABLE_IS_DOWNLOAD_ONLY flag.

    • sync=download attribute for tables   The XML format for an unloaded UltraLite database now also includes the sync="download" attribute on tables. See systable system table.

  • TLS identities can be stored in the database   For UltraLite databases (not UltraLite Java edition databases), TLS identities, consisting of an X.509 certificate, a private key, and, optionally, a chain of certificates of the certificate authorities that signed the client's certificate, can now be stored in the UltraLite database at creation time. New options have been added to the ulinit and ulload utilities. See UltraLite Initialize Database utility (ulinit), UltraLite Load XML to Database utility (ulload).

  • UltraLiteJ code sample locations are now organized by device and platform support   Code samples are now located in the following directories:

    • For BlackBerry samples: %SQLANY12%\UltraLiteJ\BlackBerry

    • For Java J2ME samples: %SQLANY12%\UltraLiteJ\J2ME

    • For Java J2SE samples: %SQLANY12%\UltraLiteJ\J2SE

    • For Android samples: %SQLANY12%\UltraLiteJ\Android

    See Code examples.