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MobiLink new features

Following is a list of additions to MobiLink introduced in version 16.0. For information about supported operating systems and versions, see [external link]

  • MobiLink Profiler replaces the MobiLink Monitor   The MobiLink Monitor has been removed. Use the MobiLink Profiler to get detailed performance information about synchronizations during development and testing. Use the SQL Anywhere Monitor for production monitoring of a MobiLink deployment. See MobiLink Profiler.

  • Java and .NET data scripts can no longer return SQL   Java and .NET synchronization scripts can no longer return strings that are interpreted by the MobiLink server as SQL statements. Java and .NET scripts that return SQL now produce errors and cause the synchronization to fail.

    It is recommended that you use direct row handling for Java or .NET scripts that need to upload data to and download data from the consolidated database. See Direct row handling.

  • MobiLink server backwards and forwards compatibility   Any build of a version 16 MobiLink client can synchronize with any build of the version 16 MobiLink server. Previously, the MobiLink server build needed to be greater than or equal to the MobiLink client build.

  • Support for the XMLTYPE data type   Synchronization with columns using the Oracle XMLTYPE data type is now supported. See Oracle XMLTYPE data type.

  • MobiLink server supports integrated LDAP authentication   MobiLink user authentication against Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers is now available in MobiLink server. LDAP authentication is implemented using the following new MobiLink stored procedures:

  • New ml_model_drop system procedure   Use this system procedure to drop a synchronization model and its associated schema. Only synchronization models added using the MobiLink 16.0 plug-in for Sybase Central can be dropped. See ml_model_drop system procedure.

  • New ml_model_check_all_schema system procedure   Use this procedure to check the status of each schema object required by deployed synchronization models. This stored procedure returns information for all deployed synchronization models. See ml_model_check_all_schema system procedure.

  • New ml_model_check_version_schema system procedure   Use this procedure to check the status of each schema object required by deployed synchronization models. This stored procedure returns information for the specified script version. See ml_model_check_all_schema system procedure.

  • MobiLink server and clients now support TLS version 1.1   MobiLink server and MobiLink clients now support TLS version 1.1. This applies to both direct TLS and HTTPS synchronization. TLS version 1.1 is not supported on Mac OS X.

  • Reporting locking and blocking information   By default, the MobiLink server now reports locking and blocking information for long running user-defined scripts to the MobiLink Profiler, in addition to logging the information to the MobiLink server log file.

    Use the ml_add_property stored procedure to set the properties for this feature. See ml_add_property system procedure.

  • -ts option for event tracing   Use the new -ts option with the mlsrv16, dbmlsync and dblsn utilities to set up a tracing session.


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