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Catalog changes

Following is a list of catalog changes introduced in SQL Anywhere version 16.0.

  • New ISYSCERTIFICATE system table and SYSCERTIFICATE system view   Each row in the ISYSCERTIFICATE system table stores a certificate in text PEM-format. The SYSCERTIFICATE system view is a view on this system table. See ISYSCERTIFICATE system table and SYSCERTIFICATE system view.

  • New columns in ISYSTABCOL and ISYSTAB   The columns nonmaterialized_value and start_schema have been added to ISYSTABCOL. The column current_schema has been added to ISYSTAB. See SYSTAB system view and SYSTABCOL system view.

  • New columns in ISYSUSER   The columns user_type, user_dn, user_dn_cached_at, password_creation_time_utc, last_login_time_utc, and dual_password have been added to ISYSUSER. See SYSUSER system view.

  • UTC timestamps used in the catalog   In previous releases, catalog tables stored and exposed local timestamps that depended on the location of the database server. Timestamps are now stored as their UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) based equivalent, but views expose both UTC timestamps and local timestamps. Applications that rely on the number of columns in the following system tables and views must be updated:

    System table name System view name Column(s) added
    ISYSTAB SYSTAB last_modified_at_utc
    ISYSVIEW SYSVIEW mv_last_refreshed_at_utc, mv_known_stale_at_utc
    ISYSOBJECT SYSOBJECT creation_time _utc
    ISYSUSER SYSUSER password_creation_time, last_login_time
    ISYSTEXTIDX SYSTEXTIDX last_refresh_utc
    ISYSJAR SYSJAR update_time_utc
    ISYSHISTORY SYSHISTORY first_time_utc, last_time_utc
    ISYSREMOTEUSER SYSREMOTEUSER time_sent_utc, time_received_utc
    SYSREMOTEUSERS consolidated view time_sent_utc, time_received_utc
    ISYSCOLSTAT SYSCOLSTAT update_time_utc
    SYSCOLSTATS consolidated view update_time_utc