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Synchronization Profile Properties window: Extended Options

This tab has the following components:

Extended options that are set in the following list are stored in the database. Dbmlsync combines options stored in the database with those specified on the command line. For information about how dbmlsync resolves conflicting options, see Priority order.

Option name Description

Specifies whether the entire download from the MobiLink server should be read into the cache before applying it to the remote database. The default isTrue. See BufferDownload (bd) extended option.


Specifies the number of times dbmlsync retries the synchronization if the download fails because of conflicts. See ConflictRetries (cr) extended option.


Disables automatic logscan polling. See DisablePolling (p) extended option.


Specifies how much of the remote message log file dbmlsync should send to the MobiLink server when a synchronization error occurs. See ErrorLogSendLimit (el) extended option.


Specifies that triggers should be fired on the remote database when the download is applied. See FireTriggers (ft) extended option.


When you are using scheduling, this option limits the amount of discarded memory that is allowed to accumulate before a rescan is performed. See HoverRescanThreshold (hrt) extended option.


Enables incremental uploads and controls the size of upload increments. See Increment (inc) extended option.


Specifies that tables in the publications being synchronized should be locked before synchronizing. See LockTables (lt) extended option.


Specifies the location of old transaction log mirror files so that they can be deleted. See MirrorLogDirectory (mld) extended option.


Prevents dbmlsync from synchronizing on startup when a scheduling option would otherwise cause that to happen. See NoSyncOnStartup (nss) extended option.


Specifies the path containing offline transaction logs. See OfflineDirectory (dir) extended option.


Specifies the logscan polling period. See PollingPeriod (pp) extended option.


Sets a schedule for synchronization. See Schedule (sch) extended option.


Specifies a script version. See ScriptVersion (sv) extended option.


Specifies that a download acknowledgement should be sent from the client to the MobiLink server. See SendDownloadAck (sa) extended option.


Specifies that trigger actions should be sent on upload. See SendTriggers (st) extended option.


Sets the order of tables in the upload. Specify tables as a comma-separated list. You must specify all tables that are to be uploaded. If you include tables that are not included in the synchronization, they are ignored. See TableOrder (tor) extended option.


Set this option to ON to make dbmlsync check that no table is uploaded before another table on which it has a foreign key. This option is only useful when the TableOrder extended option is specified. See TableOrderChecking (toc) extended option.

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