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Materialized View Properties window: Options tab

This tab has the following components:

  • This materialized view was created with the following option settings   Lists the options that were set when the materialized view was created.

Option Description

Sets the format for dates retrieved from the database. The default is YYYY-MM-DD. See date_format option.


Controls the interpretation of date formats. The default is YMD. For Sybase Open Client and jConnect connections, the default is set to MDY See date_order option.


Specifies the number of microseconds to add to a column of type TIMESTAMP to keep values in the column unique. The default is 1. See default_timestamp_increment option.


Sets the numbering of the days of the week. The default is 7 (Sunday is the first day of the week). See first_day_of_week option.


Controls the interpretation of two-digit years in string-to-date conversions. The default is 50. See nearest_century option.


Specifies the maximum number of digits in the result of any decimal arithmetic. The default is 30. See precision option.


Specifies the minimum number of digits after the decimal point when an arithmetic result is truncated to the maximum precision. The default is 6. See scale option.


Sets the format for times retrieved from the database. The default is HH:NN:SS.SSS. See time_format option.


Sets the format for timestamps that are retrieved from the database. The default is YYYY-MM-DD HH:NN:SS.SSS. See timestamp_format option.


Returns the format for TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE values retrieved from the database. See timestamp_with_time_zone_format option.


Controls the formatting of unique identifier values when they are converted to strings. See uuid_has_hyphens option.

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