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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0 » Context-Sensitive Help » SQL Anywhere plug-in help » SQL Anywhere properties windows


LDAP Server Properties window: Settings tab

This tab has the following components:

  • Search URL   Specify the host (by name or by IP address), port number, and search for a given user ID. The maximum size for this string is 1024 bytes.

    The format of url-string must comply with the LDAP URL standard. See [external link]

  • Access Distinguished Name   Specify the Distinguished Name (DN) used by the database server to connect to the LDAP server. This is not a SQL Anywhere user, but a user created in the LDAP server specifically for logging in to the LDAP server. This user must have permissions within the LDAP server to search for Distinguished Names by user ID in the locations specified in the Search URL field. The maximum size for this string is 1024 bytes.

  • Access password   Specify the password associated with the user identified in the Access Distinguished Name field. The maximum size is 255 bytes, and it cannot be set to NULL.

  • Authentication URL   Specify the URL that identifies the host by name or IP address, and the port number of the LDAP server to authenticate a user. The DN of the user obtained from a prior DN search and the user password are used to bind a new connection to the authentication URL. A successful connection to the LDAP server is considered proof of the identity of the connecting user. There is no default value for this parameter. For size limits for this string, see SYSLDAPSERVER system view.

  • Use TLS   Select to use the TLS protocol for connections to the LDAP server, both for the DN searches and for authentication. Do not select this option if you are using secure LDAP.

  • Connection timeout   Specify the connection timeout, in milliseconds, to the LDAP server for searches for the DN and for authentication. The default value is 10 seconds.

  • Connection retries   Specify the number of retries for connections to the LDAP server, both for searches for the DN and for authentication. The valid range of values is 1-60. The default value is 3.

  • Clear Cached User Distinguished Names Now   Reinitializes LDAP user-authentication.

  • Test Connection   Opens the Test Connection window. See LDAP Server Properties window: Test Connection window.

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