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You subscribe a user to a publication by creating a subscription. Each database that shares information in a publication must have a subscription to the publication. Periodically, the changes made to each publication in a database are replicated to all subscribers of that publication. These replications are called publication updates

To subscribe a user to a publication, you need the following information:

  • Publication name   The name of the publication to which the user is being subscribed.

  • Subscription value   The subscription value only applies if your publication includes a SUBSCRIBE BY clause. The subscription value is the value that is tested against the SUBSCRIBE BY clause of the publication. For example, if a publication has the name of a column containing an employee ID as a SUBSCRIBE BY clause, the value of the employee ID of the subscribing user must be provided when the subscription is created. The subscription value is always a string.

    This value is only needed when the publication has a SUBSCRIBE BY clause.

  • Subscriber-id   The user who is being subscribed to the publication. At the consolidated database, when you create a subscription to a remote user, the remote user must have been granted REMOTE privilege. At the remote database, when you create a subscription to the consolidated user, that user must have been granted CONSOLIDATED privilege. By default, the Extraction utility (dbxtract) and the Extract Database Wizard grant the appropriate PUBLISH and CONSOLIDATE privileges to users in the remote databases.

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