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Connecting to a running database on a local computer

To connect to a local database that is currently running, you can use the Connect window with the Connect to a running database on this computer option.


This procedure assumes that a database is running on a database server on your computer. If it isn't already running, start a database server and database. For example, run the following command to start the SQL Anywhere 16 sample database on a personal server:

dbeng16 -n demo16 "%SQLANYSAMP16%\demo.db"
  1. Open the Connect window in Sybase Central or Interactive SQL.

  2. Complete the following fields to connect to the database:

    1. In the Authentication dropdown list, click Database.

    2. In the User ID field, type a user name. For example, type DBA.

    3. In the Password field, type a password for the user. For example, type sql.

    4. In the Action dropdown list, click Connect to a running database on this computer to connect to a database that is running on your computer.

    5. In the Server name field, type the name of the running database server. For example, type demo16.


      Since a computer system can run multiple SQL Anywhere database servers, always specify the database server name (ServerName=server-name) when connecting to a database.

    6. In the Database name field, type the name of the database. For example, type demo.

  3. Optional: To get a copy of the connection string that is created with this window, click Tools » Copy Connection String to Clipboard.

  4. Click Connect.


The application connects to the database.

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