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PHP client deployment

To deploy the SQL Anywhere PHP extension, you must install the following components on the target platform:

  • The PHP 5 binaries for your platform, which are available for download at [external link] For Windows platforms, the thread-safe version of PHP must be used with the SQL Anywhere PHP extension.

  • A web server such as Apache HTTP Server to run PHP scripts within a web server.

    SQL Anywhere can be run on the same computer as the web server, or on a different computer.

  • SQL Anywhere provides prebuilt PHP extensions for many PHP versions ranging from 5.1.1 to 5.4.8.

  • Supporting SQL Anywhere shared objects or libraries.

The following table summarizes the files required for PHP clients.

Description Windows Linux / Unix Mac OS X
PHP installation (third-party) php.exe php php
PHP 5.1.x calls php-5.1.[1-*]_sqlanywhere.dll php-5.1.[1-*] or build from source code Build from source code
PHP 5.2.x calls php-5.2.[0-*]_sqlanywhere.dll php-5.2.1_sqlanywhere_nts.dll php-5.2.[0-*] or build from source code Build from source code
PHP 5.3.x calls php-5.3.[0-*]_sqlanywhere.dll php-5.3.[0-*]_sqlanywhere_nts.dll php-5.3.[0-*] or build from source code Build from source code
PHP 5.4.x calls php-5.4.[0-*]_sqlanywhere.dll php-5.4.[0-*]_sqlanywhere_nts.dll php-5.4.[0-*] or build from source code Build from source code
Language resource library dblg[LL]16.dll dblg[LL]16.res dblg[LL]16.res
Connect window dbcon16.dll N/A N/A
SQL Anywhere C API runtime dbcapi.dll libdbcapi_r.dylib
DBLIB (threaded) dblib16.dll libdblib16_r.dylib
Thread support library N/A libdbtasks16_r.dylib
ICU library dbicu16.dll libdbicu16_r.so2 libdbicu16_r.dylib2
ICU Data library dbicudt16.dll libdbicudt16.so2 libdbicudt16.dylib2
optional encryption support dbfips16.dll libdbfips16_r.dylib
optional encryption support dbrsa16.dll libdbrsa16_r.dylib
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