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The SYSLDAPSERVER system view contains one row for each LDAP server configuration object configured in the database. An LDAP server configuration object contains the configuration information necessary to connect to an LDAP server outside of SQL Anywhere. The underlying system table for this view is ISYSLDAPSERVER.

Column name Data type Description
ldsrv_id UNSIGNED BIGINT A unique identifier for the LDAP server. This ID is used by the login policy to refer to this LDAP server. This column is a foreign key to ISYSOBJECT.
ldsrv_name CHAR(128) The name of the LDAP server.
ldsrv_state CHAR(9)

The state of the LDAP server. Valid values:

ldsrv_start_tls TINYINT The valid values: 1 (ON) or 0 (OFF). If ON then LDAP over TLS is used to connect to the LDAP server. This protocol provides encrypted communication for connections and searches with the LDAP server.
ldsrv_num_retries TINYINT The number of attempts to authenticate with the LDAP server before returning failure or failover (if specified). Valid range: 1-60.
ldsrv_timeout UNSIGNED INT The timeout value for connections or searches, in milliseconds. Valid range: 1-3600000 (1 hour).
ldsrv_last_state_change TIMESTAMP The time when the last state change occurred. Regardless of the servers local timezone, the value is stored in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
ldsrv_search_url CHAR(1024) The LDAP URL defining the search to find the Distinguished Name (DN) for a user based on the user ID.
ldsrv_auth_url CHAR(1024) The LDAP search string to find the DN for a user given their user ID.
ldsrv_access_dn CHAR(1024) The DN used to access the LDAP server for searches to obtain DNs for other user IDs.
ldsrv_access_dn_pwd VARBINARY(1024) The password for the access account. The password is symmetrically encrypted when stored on disk.
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