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SYSROLEGRANT system view

The SYSROLEGRANT system view stores information about role membership and type of membership. The underlying system table for this view is ISYSROLEGRANT.

Column name Data type Description
grant_id UNSIGNED INT ID used to identify each GRANT statement.
role_id UNSIGNED INT ID of the role being granted, as per ISYSUSER.
grantee UNISIGNED INT ID of the user being granted the role, as per ISYSUSER.
grant_type TINYINT

Describes type of grant using 3 digits. The first bit from the right is whether privilege has been granted. The second digit is whether administration rights have been given. The third digit is whether system privileges are inheritable.

  • 001   Privilege granted, with no inheritance, and no administration rights. Applicable only for legacy non-inheritable authorities except DBA and REMOTE DBA.

  • 101   Privilege granted, with inheritance, but no administration rights.

  • 110   Only administration rights have been granted.

  • 111   Privilege granted, with inheritance, and with administration rights.

grant_scope TINYINT

Used by SET USER and CHANGE PASSWORD to set the scope of the grant. Values can be one or more of the following:

  • 1   ANY

  • 2   User list

  • 4   Role list

grantor CHAR(128) The name of the grantor.
 Constraints on underlying system table