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Encrypting or decrypting a materialized view

Materialized views can be encrypted for additional security. For example, if a materialized view contains data that was encrypted in the underlying table, you may want to encrypt the materialized view as well.


You must be the owner, or have both the CREATE ANY MATERIALIZED VIEW and DROP ANY MATERIALIZED VIEW system privileges, or both the CREATE ANY OBJECT and DROP ANY OBJECT system privileges.

Table encryption must already be enabled in the database to encrypt a materialized view.

Contexte et remarques

The encryption algorithm and key specified at database creation are used to encrypt the materialized view. To see the encryption settings in effect for your database, including whether table encryption is enabled, query the Encryption database property using the DB_PROPERTY function, as follows:

SELECT DB_PROPERTY( 'Encryption' );

As with table encryption, encrypting a materialized view can impact performance since the database server must decrypt data it retrieves from the view.

  1. In Sybase Central, use the SQL Anywhere 16 plug-in to connect to the database.

  2. In the left pane, double-click Views.

  3. Right-click the materialized view and click Properties.

  4. Click the Miscellaneous tab.

  5. Select or clear the Materialized View Data Is Encrypted checkbox as appropriate.

  6. Click OK.


The materialized view data is encrypted.

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