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Lesson 3: Creating a table in your MobiLink consolidated database

In this lesson, you create the RemoteOrders table in the MobiLink consolidated database.


This lesson assumes you have completed all preceding lessons. See Lesson 1: Setting up an Excel worksheet.

This lesson assumes that you have the roles and privileges listed in the Privileges section at the start of this tutorial: Tutorial: Synchronizing with Microsoft Excel.

Contexte et remarques

The RemoteOrders table you create in this lesson contains the following columns:

  • order_id   A unique identifier for orders.

  • product_id   A unique identifier for products.

  • quantity   The number of items sold.

  • order_status   The order status.

  • last_modified   The last modification date of a row. You use this column for timestamp-based downloads, a common technique used to filter rows for efficient synchronization.

  1. Connect to your database from Interactive SQL.

    You can start Interactive SQL from Sybase Central or at a command prompt.

    • To start Interactive SQL from Sybase Central, right-click the MLconsolidated - DBA database and click Open Interactive SQL.

    • To start Interactive SQL at a command prompt, run the following command:

      dbisql -c "DSN=mlexcel_db"
  2. Execute the following SQL statements in Interactive SQL to create the RemoteOrders table.

    CREATE TABLE RemoteOrders (
        order_id           INTEGER NOT NULL,
        product_id         INTEGER NOT NULL,
        quantity           INTEGER,
        order_status       VARCHAR(10) DEFAULT 'new',
        PRIMARY KEY(order_id)

    Interactive SQL creates the RemoteOrders table in your consolidated database.

  3. Execute the following SQL statement in Interactive SQL to create MobiLink system tables and stored procedures.

    Replace C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 16\ with the location of your SQL Anywhere 16 installation.

    READ "C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 16\MobiLink\setup\syncsa.sql";

    Interactive SQL applies syncsa.sql to your consolidated database. Running syncsa.sql creates a series of system tables and stored procedures prefaced with ml_. The MobiLink server works with these tables and stored procedures in the synchronization process.


The RemoteOrders table is created in the consolidated database.