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Relay Server State Manager

The Relay Server State Manager is a process that is responsible for maintaining Relay Server state information across client requests and Outbound Enabler sessions. The State Manager is also responsible for managing the log file used by the Relay Server. The State Manager can either be started automatically by the Relay Server or started as a service.

The default log file name is ias_relay_server_host.log. On Windows, this file is located in the directory specified by the TEMP environment variable. On Linux, the file is located in the directory specified by the TMP, TEMP, or TMPDIR environment variables. If none of those variables are set, a log file is created in the /tmp directory.


The Apache user process must have write permissions to the specified tmp directory.

On a graceful shutdown, the State Manager renames the log file to a file of the form <yymmdd><nn>.log where <yymmdd> represents the date on which the log file was renamed and <nn> is the sequential version number of the log file for that day.

Starting the State Manager as a service is the recommended method. Starting the State Manager manually on a command line is not supported.

It is possible to specify the options that are used by the Relay Server to start the State Manager. To change the options, set the start property in the options section of the Relay Server configuration file. For example:

start = "rshost -o c:\temp\myrshost.log"

You must specify the name of the Relay Server State Manager executable (rshost) before the options.

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