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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0 » Relay Server » Relay Server logging and log administration


Relay Server logging and SAP Passports

SAP Passports are used to trace requests from the client through to the backend server. The Passport may contain a directive to increase logging verbosity as it flows through each server. Both the Relay Server and the Relay Server Outbound Enabler respect this directive. In cases where the Relay Server or Outbound Enabler verbosity level is set higher than the level implied by the Passport, the higher level takes effect. This means a user cannot use a Passport with a low trace level to suppress payload logging when the Relay Server/Outbound Enabler administrator has set up high verbosity logging in the Relay Server/Outbound Enabler configuration.

SAP Passport version 2 and version 3 are supported.

Passport trace level RS/OE verbosity level Description
Low 1 Access level logging
Medium 4 Debug logging with packet logging (plus request header logging on the Relay Server side)
High 5 Debug logging with entire payload

The Relay Server and Outbound Enabler log lines associated with a request involving an SAP Passport have suffixes as shown in the following table:

SAP Passport version Log line suffix Log line example
2 #SAP-PPK#V2#<Transaction-uuid> I. 2012-07-19 15:06:32.720 <15852.9340.F0B0S5R0> Relaying Content-Length body #SAP-PPK#V2#8fa46833ea42b94a8181b5bc8da3a33c
3 #SAP-PPK#V3#<Transaction-uuid>#<Root-context-uuid>#<Connection-uuid>#<Connection-counter> I. 2012-07-19 15:06:32.909 <15852.14180.F0B0S6R0> Relaying headers #SAP-PPK#V3#a65762116e4e48b6b1fccdc428785d49#dd880e77415f4811bd0b08bcd75cfb74#a6b60d0f83c340bd8e2458ef6bd29774#2