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MobiLink plug-in for Sybase Central new features

Following is a list of new features for the MobiLink plug-in for Sybase Central introduced in version 16.0.

  • Test tool for synchronization models   The new Test tool on the synchronization model Deployment tab allows you to test the deployment of a synchronization model. See Testing a synchronization model before deployment.

    For usage examples, see Tutorial: Introducing MobiLink.

  • Create Project Wizard has been simplified   The Create Project Wizard has been simplified to make it easier to create a project. Some of the significant changes to this wizard are as follows:

    • A consolidated database must be associated with the project.
    • The Synchronization Model page has been removed.
    • A synchronization model is automatically created when a project is created.
    • Each project now has one remote database type, instead of having a type for each remote schema name.

  • Simplified Deploy Synchronization Model Wizard   The Deploy Synchronization Model Wizard is simpler and easier to use. If a synchronization model has been previously deployed, the wizard now provides the option to deploy the synchronization model with the values used in the previous deployment.

  • Simplified Table Mapping Editor   The Table Mapping Editor has been redesigned. Some of the significant changes are as follows:

    • The Column Mappings, Download Type, Download Deletes, Download Subset, Download Delete Subset, Conflict Handling, and Status tabs all appear the Details pane.
    • Columns for Download Type, Download Deletes, Download Subset, Download Delete Subset, Conflict Detection and Conflict Resolution options are no longer shown in the Table Mapping pane by default, and are read-only if displayed. They can be displayed by right clicking the table header.
    • The Conflict Handling tab in the Details pane is used for conflict detection and resolution options, and replaces the Conflict Resolution tab.
    • Tabs for the Details pane now appear at the top of the pane instead of the bottom.

  • New MobiLink Server Command Line Properties windows   The new MobiLink Server Command Line Properties windows allow you to save MobiLink server command lines to include in MobiLink projects.

  • Ability to drop synchronization models added using the MobiLink 16.0 plug-in   Use the new Remove From Consolidated Database context menu item for synchronization models to drop a synchronization model and its associated schema. Only synchronization models added using the MobiLink 16.0 plug-in for Sybase Central can be dropped.

  • Support for multiple synchronization models in the consolidated database   Deploying a synchronization model now preserves schema which is identical to the previously installed schema. During deployment you are warned before deploying if there are incompatibilities between versions. In addition, redeploying updates to the same script version automatically removes schema no longer needed by the new version.

  • Improved conflict handling for synchronization models   All processing of conflict detection and resolution is now done inside the upload_update script and fetches are only needed when a conflict occurs, instead of on every row. This results in a significant performance improvement when there are large numbers of updates.

  • Create Synchronization Model Wizard has been simplified   Previously the wizard had optional pages for setting various synchronization options. Those optional pages have been removed, since their synchronization options can also be set in the Mappings tab and in the Synchronization Model Properties window.

  • LDAP support has been added   The MobiLink 16 plug-in includes the following wizards and property sheets to support LDAP authentication with MobiLink:

    • Create LDAP Server Wizard
    • Create User Authentication Policy Wizard
    • LDAP Server Properties window
    • Authentication Policy Properties

  • MobiLink system objects can be removed from a database   A new popup menu item is available to remove MobiLink system setup from a consolidated database. Choosing this item removes all MobiLink system objects from the consolidated database, and removes the database from the MobiLink project.

  • Automatically refresh dynamic objects and properties   For central administration of remote databases, automatic refreshing is supported for Agents and deployed remote tasks.

  • Remote tasks can now be exported to a file   Remote tasks can be exported to a file with a .mlt extension. See Exporting a remote task.

  • Limited support for the Oracle XMLTYPE data type   The MobiLink plug-in for Sybase Central provides limited support for the Oracle XMLTYPE. See Limitations of synchronization models.

  • Column mapping warnings   When creating a synchronization model or adding a table mapping to a synchronization model, a warning is now given if any fixed-length character columns in the consolidated tables are mapped to variable-length character columns in the remote tables. This check is only done if the consolidated database is Oracle, IBM DB2 LUW, Microsoft SQL Server or Adaptive Server Enterprise.