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SAP Sybase SQL Anywhere 16.0 » SQL Anywhere 16 - Changes and Upgrading » How to upgrade to SQL Anywhere 16 » The upgrade process for version 10 and later databases


Upgrading a version 10 or later database (command line)

You can use the dbupgrad utility to upgrade a version 10 or later database by adding and modifying system tables, system procedures, and database options to enable version 16 features.


The database user specified in the connection-string must have the ALTER DATABASE system privilege, and must be the only connection to the database.

Follow the standard precautions for upgrading software. See Upgrade and rebuild precautions.

Ensure that you have exclusive access to the database to be upgraded and ensure that the version 16 utilities are ahead of other utilities in your system path. See How to ensure that you are running the correct version of the utilities when you have multiple versions installed.


Back up your database files before upgrading. If you apply the upgrade to the existing files, then these files become unusable if the upgrade fails. For information about backing up your database, see Backup and data recovery.

 Upgrade a database (command line)
  1. Run the Upgrade utility (dbupgrad) against the database:

    dbupgrad -c "connection-string"

    For more information, see Upgrade utility (dbupgrad).

  2. Shut down the database and archive the transaction log before using the upgraded database.


The database is upgraded and contains new and modified system tables, system procedures, and database options.


Examine the new database to confirm that the upgrade completed properly and test the upgraded database with your application.

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