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Frequently asked questions - SQL Anywhere

 What is the default user ID and password for demo.db and newly created databases?
 How do I recover a DBA password?
 How do I connect to a database?
 How do I connect to a database on Unix?
 How do I connect to a database on Mac OS X?
 How do I determine which version of SQL Anywhere was used to create a database?
 How do I determine the names of the databases that are running on a server?
 Can I install and run two different versions of SQL Anywhere on the same computer?
 Can I install and run two copies of the same major version of SQL Anywhere on the same computer?
 Is it better to have one database server for each database or should I run multiple databases on a single database server?
 Why is the size of my database increasing, or not decreasing as expected?
 How do I create an effective backup and recovery plan?
 What do I do when an assertion failure occurs?
 How do I report a bug?
 How do I improve the performance of my application or database server?
 How do I upgrade my SQL Anywhere software?
 Why is my application running slower after an upgrade?
 Why does my application not work after an upgrade?
 What operating systems are supported by the different versions of SQL Anywhere?
 What are the licensing requirements for a typical SQL Anywhere installation?
 What is the largest database size supported by SQL Anywhere?
 How do I migrate from another database product to SQL Anywhere?
 What competitive advantages does SQL Anywhere offer?
 I need to diagnose performance issues with a specific query. How do I create a graphical plan with statistics?
 Can I use the OUTPUT statement in a stored procedure?
 Is there a tutorial or walk-through related to the feature I am interested in?
 Where can I find more information about the cloud?
 Where can I find more information?