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sa_conn_properties system procedure

Reports connection property information.

sa_conn_properties( [ connidparm ] )
  • connidparm

    Use this optional INTEGER parameter to specify the connection ID number. The default is NULL.

Result set
Column name Data type Description

Returns the connection ID (a number) for the current connection.

PropNum INTEGER Returns the connection property number.
PropName VARCHAR(255) Returns the connection property name.
PropDescription VARCHAR(255) Returns the connection property description.
Value LONG VARCHAR Returns the connection property value.

Returns the connection ID as Number, and the PropNum, PropName, PropDescription, and Value for each available connection property. Values are returned for all connection properties, database option settings related to connections, and statistics related to connections. Valid properties with NULL values are also returned.

If connidparm is less than zero, then property values for the current connection are returned. If connidparm is not supplied or is NULL, then property values are returned for all connections to the current database.


You must have EXECUTE privilege on the system procedure.

To obtain a list of all connection IDs, you must also have either the SERVER OPERATOR, MONITOR, or DROP CONNECTION system privilege.

Side effects



The following example uses the sa_conn_properties system procedure to return a result set summarizing connection property information for all connections.

CALL sa_conn_properties( );
Number PropNum PropName ...
79 37 ClientStmtCacheHits ...
79 38 ClientStmtCacheMisses ...
... ... ... ...

This example uses the sa_conn_properties system procedure to return a list of all connections, in decreasing order by CPU time*:

SELECT Number AS connection_number,
    CONNECTION_PROPERTY ( 'Name', Number ) AS connection_name,
    CONNECTION_PROPERTY ( 'Userid', Number ) AS user_id,
  CAST ( Value AS NUMERIC ( 30, 2 ) ) AS approx_cpu_time
  FROM sa_conn_properties( )
  WHERE PropName = 'ApproximateCPUTime'
  ORDER BY approx_cpu_time DESC;